Toticos Pictures

toticos pictures

Word spreads fast on these impoverished 3rd world ghetto streets that I break off decent bread to dominican girls who do “freaky-freaky” pictures with me for Toticos. Every city has their local known pervert/sex offender/pimp and I guess I’m one of many here in the DR. As a result many girls are pimping their friends on me so they can get a cut of the action and it works out well. I don’t mind breaking off a little referral fee, and its much less human trafficking on my end. Its so much easier to have a girl bring you another girl rather than the cold pickup approach (“Hola mi amor would you like to make a porno with me today?”) The story with Tasha is a common one. You fuck a girl, then you fuck her little hoodrat friends, then they mention to you they have this nice pretty friend…

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